Just how to determine if cattle are bulls, steers, cows or heifers

If you’re brand new to the world that is cattle keeping bulls, steers, cows and heifers directly is confusing. Even when you when thought that “cow” was a blanket term employed for all cattle in most circumstances, you’ll catch on quickly to your proper terminology.


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A bull, also known as a sire, is a mature male bovine that is at minimum 24 months old useful for breeding purposes. Bulls usually are not employed for meat.

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Bulls are not castrated because they have actually desired characteristics that producers desire to make use of for breeding. Typically, a sire will create more calves in its life time compared to a cow, according to Extension Beef Cattle Breeding Specialist John L. Evans, Ph.D., at Oklahoma State University Extension.

Bulls are usually larger than other cattle. They will have big, muscular shoulders, necks and hindquarters. A hump is normally noticeable on its arms. Whenever bulls are complete grown, they could consider up to 2,000 pounds. In accordance with OSU Extension, young bulls can achieve 1 / 2 of their mature loads in as little as 14 or 15 months.

Don’t allow a bull’s horns trick you; the strain of cattle determines in cases where a bull has horns or not. Museum of lifestyle and Science describes that numerous dairy breeds has horns on both male and female cattle.


A steer is really a castrated male bovine. Male bovines are castrated when they are young and before they develop the bull’s characteristics that are physical according to USDA. Contine reading