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How to proceed whenever you’re accused of plagarizing

I’ve been wrongly accused of plagiarism twice, tright herefore listed here is helpful information if it happens for you

So, you’ve been accused of plagiarism. What the results are now?

The teacher sat you down and/or sent you an email that is ominous accusing you of plagiarizing some paper or project. The charges for plagiarism at Pitt are serious, which range from a page in your file to an F when you look at the program. Get caught numerous times and it is suspension system, as well as expulsion, based on what number of.

We’re in the amount of time in the semester where our company is both handing in last documents and getting

grades on it. Which means you will see situations where teachers and students struggle it down over plagiarism, that is defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary once the “use [of] the language or some ideas of another individual as though these people were your very own terms or a few ideas.”

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