Clarifications . This Act will not need or allow instruction in almost any doctrine that is religious materials.

Area 4. Definitions . As found in this Act:

Flat earth science” (Zetetic Astronomy) means the medical evidences when it comes to planet’s as an outstretched air air plane and inferences from those medical evidences. Flat earth science includes the medical evidences and related inferences that indicate: our planet is definitely an outstretched air air plane; The understood, inhabited earth is about circular, using the north pole during the center and a 150 base wall surface of ice during the southern limitation (outer advantage);

our planet floats regarding the waters of this Great Deep, and there’s fire below those waters (often called Hell); our planet is included in a dome that also rests in the waters associated with Great Deep; the sun’s rays and moon are 32 kilometers in diameter and circle the location regarding the equator at an altitude of approximately 1500 kilometers; Eclipses associated with moon are due to an unseen dark human body moving right in front from it; (7) our planet and world had been produced about 4004 B. C.

“Spherical technology” means the systematic evidences for the sphericity associated with the planet and inferences from those foreign wives systematic evidences. Contine reading