Ulrika Floding Furas published her b k in 2012. Not just a documents of jobs throughout Sweden but in addition a versatile guide of just how to navigate the environment that is urban bring agriculture into your city.

City Grown

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Urban Agriculture in Stockholm, Sweden.

Gasmart Odling

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The Guide to Stadsolding

Prompted by jobs in terms of London Paris and Berlin Ulrika’s guide shows the flexibility of urban agriculture and it is advantageous assets to dwellers that are urban. Whether “radish bushes in the park” or rise that is“high scrapers” Ulrika demonstrates metropolitan agriculture is growing increasingly more noticeable in your towns and cities, because of the enthusiasm on top of that!

Check out Ulrika’s site right here to learn more chce trzeźwe randki recenzje about day-to-day jobs and tasks occurring in Stokcholm as well as a wealth of data on how to start your own task or get included inside your communities existing activities!

Konst och Stadsodling! Contine reading