Cajun Dirty Rice. Always begin with just a little, flavor and change as required.

There are as numerous dirty rice dishes as you can find southern chefs, but authentic dirty rice meals constantly consist of chicken giblets of some sort – the renal, heart, gizzard and liver. This really is one of those Cajun meals that came to be from the tradition of utilizing every section of the animal in dishes. Additionally, as soon as we prepare rice into the south, which we do frequently, we have a tendency to prepare a lot to ensure there is pretty much constantly some rice hanging out in the refrigerator.

This meal is an excellent method to make use of several of that leftover rice, that we feel clearly must’ve had one thing related to its creation when you look at the place that is first.

The giblets are exactly exactly what creates the “dirty” turn to the rice, simply because they impart a color that clings to rice and provides it a kind of, well, dirty look. Without them it isn’t dirty rice at all since it is both with a lack of the classic color as well as the unique taste associated with the giblets. Nevertheless, also “washed up” for those who can not stomach the concept of consuming giblets of all kinds, it really is a darned good meal – so you can omit them if you prefer.

So I usually use a combination of ground beef and hot pork sausage, which while not really authentic, makes a perfectly acceptable dirty rice although I love it the authentic way, my husband isn’t gonna touch a liver or gizzard, least not knowingly. Contine reading