Ohlala CEO Pia Poppenreiter about what ‘paid dating’ really means

The recommendation that individuals might make use of the software being a modern-day exact carbon copy of individual adverts appears to offer Poppenreiter a second of pause. Her next response tips that she actually is desperate to dismiss it with a associated instance, nonetheless it’s one which surprises me. “I’m not sure if you have ever talked to Travis [Kalanick, co-founder of Uber]. I do not understand if he all the time receives the question ‘So what exactly is it that is occurring in this Uber? May be the client asking their phone? Is he water that is drinking'” The suggestion being that Uber and Ohlala are both just platforms where in fact the individual is buying time with something provider, and what are the results from then on is just a personal matter. The feasible flaw in that logic being that no body (we wish) ever booked a taxi longing for a blowjob.

Then what if not sex? Or simply a significantly better question: whom? It requires Poppenreiter a couple of seconds to think; her solution remains ambiguous. “we do not have this typical individual . Contine reading